You have also heard that the people were told in the past: Do not break your oath; an oath sworn to the Lord must be kept. But I tell you this: do not take oaths.  Do not swear by the heavens, for they are God’s throne; nor by the earth, because it is his foot stool; nor by Jerusalem, because it is the city of the great king. Do not even swear by your head, because you cannot make a single hair white or black. Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No.’ Anything else you say comes from the evil one.


Often times, we appreciate those who are good in their choice of words to play around our thoughts. The reason why many were fooled or put into dilemma because of flowery words purposefully used to deceive fishy reality. The gospel we have, reminded us  to express ourselves in  a plain language of clarity and understanding.

The truth resides in simplicity for adorned expression might not be able to facilitate understanding. Remember, God in itself  mysterious and undefined. Faith is the key virtuous needed to be able to know God in the context of humanity. Gone  are the days in which  God kept His  words but now revealed in the open to make way towards the offer of salvation. 

In which case, life is a two way traffic towards  heaven or towards hell. We need to pick out destination in this journey of life. Think about this: It is hard to get lost in a journey of no direction. Life after all is a “yes” or “no” option in responding to the call of the Lord. Say “yes” to God and restart your journey now carefully charted with the Holy Spirit as the compass needle. In this way, life’s going is meaningful, productive, happy and secured to the ends of time. 

In conclusion, life security after death is just a “yes” or a “no” response. Saying yes to the Father really  matters but saying no to the father means nothingness. Try to reflect on this line brothers and sisters in Christ.


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