According to Jeffrey Lehman , “It is in our nature to take things for granted until they are taken away from us. In the same way, we tend to forget about our accomplishments, big and small, until we fail at something.” 

My respect to our Hon Mayor Richard Streegan and Hon Vice Mayor Liza Marie “Moonyen” Durano, Dr Belen T. Pugoy, our Public Schools District Suprvisor,  Hon. Torebio Montejo, our very supportive barangay chairman of  Mohon,  our very active PTA president -Mrs. Josan Brigoli,  stakeholders, Brgy Officials,  PTA officials, teachers, visitors, Ladies and gentlemen good afternoon.

 The past two years was mark by a great struggle of Mohon NHS negotiating from the school personnel health safety and wellbeing, shortage of instructional materials for our distance learning delivery, limited number of reproduction equipment and laptops, slow internet connection, are some of the many problems in school that hold us slow in responding to the learning needs of our learners in this trying time  of COVID 19. But despite all odds, Mohon NHS keeps stronger than ever to serve, deliver and promote the quality basic education among our learners enshrined in Philippine constitution as envisioned by the department.

 These two in one activities, stakeholder summit and state of the school address is purposefully launched as a token of activities to honor you all dear school partners for not leaving us behind  and the school in general in times of COVID 19 or shall I say global pandemic. I know giving thanks  is not enough in fact until this time of delivering this pre- prepared piece for this occasion, I could never think of an appropriate word, phrase, clause or even a sentence just to let you  guys here figure out how thankful we are  in Mohon NHS with respect to your genuine generosity. Thank you for your undying support. No words could describe the joy that we have felt deep inside  our hearts. 

 At this point in time, let me elaborate the big reason behind this joy within us. These are the accomplishments of the school despite all those shortcomings. It is with great honor and pride to announce the overall performance of the school for the past three years, of course under an able leadership of  Mam Cindy Collamat, who has braved the way to raise the performance bar of the school with all your support. The school’s enrollment has never gone down for the past three years and in fact has recorded a highest increase in School Year 2021-2022 with an increase of 6.6 percent knowing that it is a pandemic year. Our dropout rate has significantly decreased from 4.6  to 1.06 percent recently. The school also continuously promotes students at an increasing rate, evident by our graduation, completion  and promotion rate which are  97, 95, and 95.36 percent respectively. Though we do not end up to 100 percent but the figure we have is heart warming and encouraging despite all difficulties.

 Our participation and literacy rates are 103 and 100 percent which implies that the community folks is trusting Mohon NHS so much so their children’s dream will come into reality. The literacy rate of 100 percent also tells us that we do not fail to educate our students even in this new mode of learning delivery. Not only that, the overwhelming support of our dear parents with the leadership of Mrs Josan Brigoli napanindot ug nabuhi ang atong tibuok physical aura of the school as parents faithfully support the banner project of the school  “Misitas ko Gasa ko  project”.  Furthermore,  ang inyong padayon nga pagsalmot sa atong “Operation Limyo Bayanihan Program”  that makes us proud during the district evaluation and  division  monitoring  and evaluation of  the school’s readiness to justify our claim of  the “Safety Zeal” granting us the permit to conduct limited face to face classes to help our learners  overcome their learning gaps.

Just recently, we keep on lifting up the bar of readiness for the implementation of the school’s expanded limited face to face classes ready to embrace the teaching and learning challenges in the new normal of education.

Our plan for this  coming year is quite  ambitious and  charted even more of what we have performed for the past years.  Improve the physical presentation of the school duly grounded to the department’s agenda on improving the physical learning environment of every school to entice all learning community age groups to go back  school to finish their studies and become useful citizens of this country.

 Improve the school’s water system. Repair and improve this school’s activity center so that we could continuously discover, showcase, and develop the social skills of our students  thereby preparing them in the real world of work. Hold monthly academic activities to enliven the academic spirit of  our students not just theoretical but to  harness their  performance skills through training exposures provided by the teachers. Connecting new industry partners for our TVL courses who could help us and provide actual workplace training for students to actualize their theoretical learning in school and earn their living if they do not have an opportunity to continue  their college studies due to some difficult circumstances.

 And of course our topmost priority is the continuous professional development of  our dear teachers. And with the help, support and able guidance of our motherly PSDS, Dr. Belen T. Pugoy,  we will send them to several  trainings and seminars to further uplift their teaching professional skills. I will provide them necessary technical assistance and overwhelming support for they are considered as the prime maker, mulder and true warrior in our quest for quality education here in Mohon NHS. They are the cornerstone of Mohon NHS. These teachers are the true promise of quality education that DepEd high officials have reiterated for many years. According to Andreas Schleicher “the quality of an educational system can never exceed the quality of our teachers”. 

 While I strongly agree  with an African proverb that says “ it takes a village to raise and educate a child”  I would love to restate this further into saying that  “it takes a community of professionals to raise and educate a child.” The community that I am referring to are the two major school communities which are the internal stakeholders -represented by the teachers and parents – and the external stakeholders which are represented by the LGUs, NGOs, private companies and individual partners who shared their resources and expertise for the cause of education here in Mohon NHS. Partners I promise and commit to you that your donations in cash, services and in kind will not turn into nothing instead will be carefully utilized for the best interest of our learners. With this, join me and shout to the world unto the top of the lungs #MOHON”THECORNERSTONE”NHS. Thank you and more power to each and everyone.

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