In the context of humanity, all are born leader and follower. One could be a leader in his own court and a follower in the other court. In other words leadership is purely relative to life circumstances which could be area specific, event specific, role specific and skills specific.

Regardless of leadership specificity, many agree that there are born leaders and there are made leaders. Born leaders are men who upon birth have already followers and have leadership favor, preferences and respect inherited from their ancestors. Though the grace of birth by some degree labeled individual as leader, does not support the idea that a  person has already the package of leadership traits, experiences and training needed in the exercise of his duties and responsibilities.

Inside the box leadership privileges by birth may not respond exactly to the demands and expectations of the community. He needs to acquire the necessary traits, experiences and training in preparation for the responsibilities that awaits him upon assuming the new position in rank.


Made leaders are those who conquer the world of popularity by showing exemplary work performances that push them up in the upper echelon of  leadership ladder. These leaders have great stories to tell and their lives are worth learning for. These are the leaders who rose from nothing to complete abundance out of their labor and hard works.  Their leadership formative years were crucial for their traits were productive options carefully chosen and enliven out of their personal vision and mission. They also have real time rich experiences out from the teaching of life as they come to win over difficult situations. Along the way, they also choose the kind of training to attend to according to their self assessment readiness.

Born leaders do not grow in adversities. They are not forced to learn new traits instead acquired it through modeling of their elders. Their experiences are second hand from the very start and learned it by way of simulation. Their training is structured according to the duties and responsibilities they are to assume.

Both born leaders and made leaders are shape  as to their traits, experiences and training. But they differ in the process of acquiring it. Regardless of the type of leader one may hail from, there are  necessary characteristics and personality traits  that a leader must possess.



A leader must have a very clear mental image of success doable in  the  span of time. This will allow him to profile his current situation, quantify the gaps,  prepare strategic plan, pick the right kind of personalities to work with  to reach the vision.


Success is not a one man role. A group of people will make it possible. Nobody would commit to be with you until such  time your vision becomes their vision. The way to do it depends on one’s communication skills. Successfully doing this, creates your inner circle of success.


After doing the current status profiling,  the gap would be clear. And in order to realize the vision, the gap must  be closed  according to the success timeline chart. Every move-in points of the gap is a mission to hurdle. Every mission episode must be accomplish regardless of the challenges that may comes along the way. Be an able  team leader of the mission presented in project form.


While the team is kicking off into the mission,  the needs of the  team members must not be taken for granted. It is therefore the leader’s responsibility to respond to the needs of the team mates while on the action of accomplishing the mission.


Before kicking off for a mission or project careful planning is required.  Remember failing to plan is the same as planning to fail. Sure failure would be  along the way if the plan goes out of the context.

During implementation, parts of the plan may not be working practically, quick decision making would be demanded to leverage non- conformity with the laid out plan. Wisdom is needed in a quite brand new situation.


Mission or project pressure could not be  avoided. The worse thing that could happen is the crushing of the spirit among team members. As leader you need to be good in addressing emotional turmoil arising from the challenging  moments of the situation. Speaking of “challenging moments” these are happenings that would normally last for short period  of time. To handle it carefully on its height is important for the success of the mission or project. Likewise it will ruin the the whole thing for the mission.



As a leader, spirit of optimism must be the hymn  of the team. The topic of every minute discussion must be towards  the trophy of success. Always turn deft ear to the negative opinion for it will give another conditioning of the team members. Beliefs of success must be an all out story to tell  to encourage new ways of thinking out of a problematic situation.


In the conduct of the mission or project implementation,  personal modes of each team members may vary from time to time responding the different levels of task modalities and difficulties. As a leader you must be quick to respond this needs before their performance  gets low. Enliven their spirit by taking out their mode on the hook of despair.  This could be in  a form of seminar sessions or a company team building enrich with the package of motivational activities.


On the way to the realization of the vision, components of successes are happening every now and then. Prepare a provision to celebrate each component success and give rewards to everyone doing well as a team. Remember personalize award is not encourage. Success is not a work or a responsibility of one person but of the team. Competition is discouraged but rather promotes cooperation.


Perhaps the most important personalize reward is  the leader’s unlimited expressions of gratitude and simple group blow-out reward in an inexpensive eat together session within  the ground of the business venue.


A leader should be rich in innovative ideas always ready to provide solutions when a pin is on the way of the team. He should be calm even in the alarming situation not to be contaminated by the trouble of the team. A strategic approach much be ready to rescue the team’s dilemma.

Leadership task is not easy. Leadership traits must be acquired. Real time experiences must be abound.  Appropriate training must be internalized  for application. Regardless of how one emerges to become a leader either by way of crisis or circumstantial event,  by personality lead or by personal choice the mentioned leadership characteristics and personality trait will work  at play towards success.

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