Jesus got into the boat and His disciples follow him. Without warning, a fierce storm burst upon the lake, with waves sweeping the boat. But Jesus was asleep. The disciples woke him up and cried, “Lord save us!  We are lost!’” But Jesus answered, “Why are you so afraid, you of little faith?”  Then He stood up and rebuked the wind and sea; it became completely calm. The disciple was astonished. They said, “What kind of man is he? Even the winds and sea obey him.”


Brothers and sisters, life is  woozy like on a  boat. It is difficult to achieve stability. The “ fierce storm in the reading” represents the different challenges of man. Like Disciples of Christ, fear and worries hostage their hearts and minds almost forgetting Jesus was with them. That was how  they were controlled  by their actuation.

When Jesus said “Why are you afraid, you of little faith?” This reminded us that whatever the level of difficulties and  challenges that we might be in, Jesus can stop it anytime if he want to. The response of nature unto him was a sign of full authority, not only to us human but included forces and powers of nature. Nothing happen without the Divine intervention.

Finally brothers and sisters, trials, problems, and other hard of this life are natural. Likewise man’s reaction to these adversities is fears and worries. But remember Jesus has full authority over and above this earth that whatever he commanded, will be doned. What we need to have is faith to be able to connect ourselves to God so that His will be done unto us.

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