Ara, a girl who has been shunned away by her parents and relatives lives in depression. Being compared to others constantly. She feels sick and she lacks interest in the things she is supposed to love. Due to her irrational thinking, she decides to try suicide to end her miserable life.


“Why won’t you be like Sia? She’s talented, brilliant, good at academics, an athlete and a musician. You should learn more. Not sulking around like that!” Ara’s mother scolded her. Ara lowered her head. She didn’t have the appetite to eat now. Not right after she was compared to her cousin again. 

“Thank you for the meal.” She blandly said and stood up, carrying her dishes with her. Ara put the dishes in the sink.

“Where are you going young lady? You haven’t finished your meal yet!” Her father angrily shouted at her. 

She acted as if she’s deaf and did not mind her father. All she could think is her life being so miserable to the point she wants to be dead. 

As Ara lied on her  bed, tears started streaming down her cheeks. Why do they need to compare her to her cousin? She let down the tears. She felt useless. She felt that she wasn’t enough. Her very existence isn’t enough. Maybe that’s why they shunned her away. 

Ara cried herself to sleep. When morning came, she readied herself for school. She left the house with low spirits and headed for school. On the way, she saw many other students talking with each other. She smiled bitterly. Her emotionless eyes stared at the students. 

Ara saw her cousin, Sia walking with her friends, smiling happily and teasing with the others. Right then and there, she decided. She would end her life. Maybe then, her parents would be proud of her. 

Class started and Ara wasn’t into the lesson. All she could think are ways of how to kill herself for once. She wanted a painless death, not like the pain she feels everyday. 

Once the class ended, Ara stood up immediately. Even though the teacher was still in the classroom, she ran out the classroom and went to the school building’s rooftop. She would jump. It’s the most effective way to her death. Since the building was five floors high. 

She climbed the railings. Wind swept her hair away from her face. She stood atop the railings and inhaled deeply. She wanted the pain to go away. 

“Look! Someone’s gonna jump from building A!”

“Oh my God! Somebody stop her!”

Shouts started to echo in her ears but she didn’t listen to them. 

One student reported the situation to the teachers. The teachers immediately went to the rooftop and consoled Ara to stop. She looked at the teachers with tear-stricken eyes. 

“The pain would stop if I die.” Ara said in a low voice but enough to let the teachers hear it.

“No, it wouldn’t go away! You’re just hurting yourself!” One of the teachers said.

“How would you know?” Ara asked.

The teacher was silent. 

Once Sia heard what the situation is, she immediately went to the rooftop. She saw Ara with her face full of tears.  

“Ara come down, please.” Sia pleaded.

“Why would I? It’s not like you would be affected if I die.” Ara said in an emotionless voice. 

“Why?” Sia asked, confused.

“Haha, you have everything! Every single thing that my parents want! I only want them to be proud of me being me! But who knows what happened after they saw your progress! They actually shunned me away! Always scolding me for not being enough! Do you know I feel useless everyday?! That my very existence is a joke?! Do you know how painful it is to live a life full of doubt?! To live in the shadow of another person?! No, you don’t because you are the star that everybody looks up to!” Ara’s emotionless face broke. Her face was distorted.

“Ara… I don’t have everything.” Sia sighed.

“Those things… I don’t own them. But please Ara. Stop this farce. You are you and I am me. Accept yourself. Don’t let others ruin your life. You are enough. I love your craftiness when. It comes to situations where I needed help. Remember when I almost got raped? You helped me then and beat up those hooligans. I’ve idolized you then. I never look down on you. I worked hard on being an honor student so that you could be proud of me. You know I don’t have parents. I only trust you, Ara. And I love you. As a sister.”

Ara stared wide eyed at Sia. The teachers took advantage of the situation and carefully guided Ara down. When they finally reached concrete ground, Ara fell on her knees while crying. Sia also cried.

The next day, both of them walked together hand in hand towards school. Although Ara was still in an awkward position, she still felt a little bit happy. Finally, someone to lean on when she’s sad.


Remember to always be away from negative thoughts. You are you, do not be jealous of what you don’t have. Everybody has their own sad sides. Instead, live a life where you are contented of who and what you are. 

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