Tom, a bully always picks on the weak. He never listens to his parents. His parents decided to transfer him to a school where he couldn’t go rampant. But will his aggressive nature calm down at a new school?


Tom smirks as he enters his new school. New environment, new weak students, new bullies. He couldn’t wait for another victim.  As he strode towards his classroom, he spotted a girl wearing glasses looking down on her books. Tom smirks. He found his new victim to bully. 

As soon as class started, Tom looked at his surroundings. There were all kinds of students. A jock, the cheerleader, the nerd girl he saw earlier, the popular group of students, the silent group and the naughty ones. Tom was puzzled. Why didn’t anybody pick at the nerd girl? In his old school, everybody would pick the nerds until they cry. Then he decided. He would make a change at this school! He would bully the weak here and be the king at this school!

Some students approached Tom and made friends with him. Tom felt that they were his match so he didn’t bully them. He made new friends immediately. 

“Hey, why don’t you guys bully that girl?” Tom asked his new friends and pointed at the nerd girl. His new friends looked at one another. 

They were about to answer Tom’s question when the teacher arrived at the classroom. The teacher let Tom introduce himself and then let him sit down at the vacant chair. 

Although out of the class, Tom was eyeing the nerd girl. She was scribbling something in her notebook and occasionally smiling to herself. Being a thirteen year old bully, this behavior triggered the bullying ideas of Tom. 

The class ended, it was time for lunch. Tom went out with his new friends towards the cafeteria. They were laughing and enjoying their lunch when Tom saw the nerd girl entering the cafeteria on her own while hugging a notebook. Tom grinned. 

He looked at his newly found friends and said, “look at what I’m gonna do guys. It’ll be fun.”  His new friends were puzzled but nevertheless, stayed silent and watched his actions. 

The nerd girl sat on a corner. She didn’t order anything from the counter and just directly sat on the table. She once again scribbled something on her notebook. Nobody was paying attention to her. 

Tom sneakily went behind her back. Then suddenly, he grabbed the notebook from the girl and raised his hand so that the girl couldn’t get her notebook. 

The girl shouted in surprise. All the students in the cafeteria looked at the two. Tom smirked.

“Haha! I have your notebook. Whatcha gonna do?” He said teasingly.

“Give! Give!” The girl desperately reached out her hands to get her notebook but Tom was a head taller than her. 

Tom opened the notebook and saw unreadable texts in it. He laughed loudly. 

“What, you can’t write? How old are you? My God, are you stupid?” Tom said laughingly. Whispers started to circulate in the entire cafeteria. 

The nerd girl started to cry. 

“Awe, the stupid started to cry. What a crybaby.” Tom teased and took out his tongue. 

Tom’s friends stood up. “Stop it, Tom!”

Tom looked at his friends, “why? Isn’t it fun to see another cry? And look, she’s so stupid all she could do is cry and scribble.” And Tom smirked. 

The girl’s cry started to get louder and louder. 

“Stop bullying her!” Someone from the other groups said. 

With a ‘heh’, Tom said, “what are you gonna do if I don’t stop?” 

“How cold are you? A mere transferee started bullying a girl on his first day!” A senior student said.

The cries of the nerd girl was heard by the teachers, so the teachers immediately went in the cafeteria. They saw the scenario by themselves. And one of the teachers who came was Tom’s homeroom teacher. 

“What happened to Danielle?” A teacher asked. Another teacher calmed Danielle. 

A student immediately reported to the teacher about what happened. 

“Who’s Tom?” 

Tom raised his hand. He felt that he didn’t need to be felt threatened. So he wasn’t nervous. 

The teacher was serious. “Come with me to the office. Miss Garcia, please call Danielle’s parents.” 

Tom looked at his friends with a smirk but his newly found friends were frowning at him. They turned around and continued eating. Tom was surprised by their behavior. Didn’t they enjoy what happened? 

Once the teacher and Tom were in the office, Tom was immediately scolded by the teacher. But Tom had a poker face. 


“So what if I bullied her? It’s not like I can traumatize her. Psh.” 

The teacher was about to say something when a man and a woman entered the office. They were both wearing business clothes. They looked noble. 

“Mr and Mrs Lee please sit down.” the teacher calmly said.

“I thought this wouldn’t happen to my daughter again, Mr Stephan.” the man said. Tom’s heart was beating fast. This was the nerd girl’s parents? 

The teacher bowed slightly as if apologizing. “I am so sorry Mr. lee. It’s a new student that bullied Danielle. I am about to explain her situation to him right now.” 

“Go and explain. I will sue this boy for bullying my daughter. Just let his parents talk with my lawyer.” With a ‘whoosh’, Mrs Lee turned around and left. Only Mr. Lee was in the office.

“We will wait for his public apology.” then Mr. Lee also left, following his wife. 

The teacher looked at Tom. 

“Boy, you probably don’t know but Danielle has Autism and Dyslexia. Her parents carefully placed her here in this school as to protect her from being bullied. She can’t read. She also has a traumatic past about being bullied. And you just triggered her trauma.” the teacher sighed. Tom felt guilty. “Go and tell your parents about the public apology or else your family will be dragged down by you. Mr. and Mrs. Lee is one of the leading businessmen in the industry and probably they won’t let you off.” 

Tom went home trying to escape what he had done in the school. How should he explain this to his parents? He decided he wouldn’t say anything to his parents.

The next day, all Tom could see are the glares from his schoolmates. They haven’t forgotten what he had done yesterday. 

When class was going on, Tom’s parents called the school. Apparently, a warrant of arrest came in stating that Tom should be invited into the precinct. Tom’s parents were fired by their employers and they were sent to the streets. Now Tom really regretted what he had done. 



Life oftentimes is unfair. It might not always be in our favor. Worst,  could drag anyone down into the helpless ground unnoticed. After all, life recompense like the saying that goes “What you give to the world is what you receive from the world.” 


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