Berated, laughed at, bullied and thrown away by the people around her. Bertha who had a huge birthmark on her face faced humiliation all her life. Her parents didn’t took notice of her everyday life. So, she lived like a clown. At school, she is always  alone because no one would make friends with her.


“Look, its Bertha the half. Haha.”

“I bet she still  with Andrew.”

“Like, eww. Does she still think Andrew likes her?”

“Of course not! Everyone knows Andrew just used her for school projects.”

Bertha lowered her head. Yes, she knew that Andrew, her boyfriend, is just using her. But what can she do? Only Andrew took notice of her even if it’s just using her. 

Bertha walked towards the school’s soccer field, where Andrew was practising soccer for a tournament in the upcoming month. She saw Andrew. She smiled lightly and was about to walk up to him when the cheerleader approached Andrew and planted a kiss on his lips. Bertha froze on the spot. Why? She thought. Why did she needed to be so ugly? Just why?! Tears started to stream down her face. She turned around, walking briskly towards the school gate. She wanted to go home. 

Wiping the snot and tears away from her face, she bumped into a person. Bertha fell on the ground but she did not looked up. Tears were still spilling from her eyes. 

“I am so sorry, miss! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Let me check.” The person was genuinely concerned about Bertha. But all she could hear is the disdain brewing inside her head. 

“Please… Just leave me alone…” Her voice was like an angel descended from heaven. And at that moment, the person felt like he needed to help this helpless girl. 

He offered his hand towards Bertha. She was surprised, and she unconsciously looked up. The person was smiling to her. 

“Come on now. Get up, it’s dirty on the floor. A person as pretty as you shouldn’t be crouching like that.” The person said. Bertha was dumbfounded. She? Pretty? Did she heard it correctly? 

“I’m sorry. You must be mistaken. Im ugly. I do not deserve to be praised.” She said in a low voice. 

The person was still smiling. “No matter how big your birthmark is, or how ugly you feel you are, remember, there is always a person who could appreciate your beauty. No matter the race, or how many freckles you have in your face, or how fat you are, somebody will appreciate you.”

As if in a daze, Bertha unconsciously teared up. But she held her tears up. Yes! She shouldn’t be insecure! She’s a beauty. A one of a kind at that. 

The very next day, Bertha didn’t hung her head low. Now, she walked full of confidence. Those who looked down on her, showed a surprised face but still berated her. But that person’s words filled Bertha’s heart. She would be insecure, yes that wouldn’t go away but by remembering that someone has finally acknowledged her, her confidence would shot up. 

And as for that boyfriend of hers, he didn’t deserve her. A man using a girl is as good as a trash.


As Bertha thought back at those miserable days where she was in her miserable state, she realized was not how it seemed. Her life must go on. She should enjoy her life, and think positively. Remove all the negative thoughts and do not think about how others think about you. 

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