On the Occasion of Fathers Day Celebration

Family is considered as the basic unit of the society. It is in this unit where cultural mastery is simulated before individual finally mainstream into it. The persons responsible in the making are none other than married couple who commit to perform their respective roles in the family as functional unit of the society.

A typical family, always have a father and a mother. However, in this changing times and complexities of life, a person may become a father figure or a mother figure depending on their role in the family. But, regardless of the status, recognition should not fall short on its kind and classification. Being a father by virtue of marriage or by role does not really matter as the world looks forward to congratulate all the fathers of the world.

Today’s Fathers day celebration is considered as one of a kind. We all know how fathers have offered their lives in exchange for the welfare of their beloved families while beating the odds of life. They become warriors in their own way acknowledging no defeat just to provide the needs of their families.  And for this, congratulations to all the fathers.

Fathers are worthy to be congratulated as they perform the following roles:

  1. As protector of the family. Families are confidently safe with the presence of the father or a father figure substitute. He will never allow anyone to hurt any member of the family in his watch.
  2. He is the powerhouse of the family. Being such, the father is the independent figure of the family who may have everything upon request. He is the person who could hardly say no to the children’s request. He is the one who opens up the world to their children.
  3. He shows unconditional love and respect to their partner. He is the person who understands difficult circumstances of life for the good of the family.
  4. Despite being busy, he always looks forward to have a quality time of his family for bonding and nurturing closer family relationship.
  5. Though his love abounds in all occasion, they never fails to correct their children as part of the formation and developmental processes.
  6. Though fathers are considered as the bread earner of the family, they always find time to teach their children about the ways of life and closely assist and monitor their presence and performance in school.

The mentioned roles are reminders for us to look into and quantify how our fathers are doing everyday. The mentioned  duties and responsibilities cannot be taken for granted for without them doing seriously, society could be sick and terrible. Great are their contribution to the society that even worldwide celebration is not enough to compensate the nature and impact of their contribution.

In the final note, it is my joy and honor to congratulate all the fathers of the world, father by marriage and father by role, of the great things they have done to their respective family. May all continue to serve their family members up to the last breath of their lives.


Father God, we thank you for all the blessing you have given to all the fathers of the world. We thank you for keeping them strong, faithful and loyal to their respective duties and responsibilities as the head of the family. Thank you for keeping them safe on their way to look for all the provision of this life most especially against the  danger pose by the pandemic COVID 19.

Heavenly Father we are lifting up to you ,all the fathers of the world, into your divine care and protection so that they may become an  object of  hope, strength,  and inspiration of their family in this trying time. This we hope and pray. Amen.

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