It is true that the world is too heavy for us to carry everyday. There is no single day that seems easy. It is in fact full of difficulties, problems, trials and challenges. But wait! Do we really have the same perception about this thing? Do others look at these things in the way we do? or, Are we looking things the way they look at too? Whichever the case, seems very difficult to understand. But simple thinking with great logic may do.

Now, let us try to have some mental imprint review. It is like this, everyday our brain received a huge amount of data from the outside through our senses. To give a good estimate, it is more or less two million bits per second. This is not an ordinary volume of information that our brain is processing every second of our lives. All our difficulties, problems, trials and challenges are considered as a low pressure zone of this fast moving bits of information in our brain system. These are issues and concerns marked by lack of clarity due to some conflicting data with no connection to the massive data imprint in our brain. These bands of data though important did not get much attention to the person which then turns out into his disadvantage. As a result, it becomes the origin of all the difficulties, problems, trials and challenges in our lives because it was not given due attention and action from the time of it emergence.

Is the perceived inability of a person’s brain to respond correctly to the data gathered considered helpless? The answer is no. There are ways by which we can reprogram the brain to respond appropriately to the millions of important information he is receiving every second of the day. The reprogramming process must be objective duly defined from the brain’s internal misrepresentation of the data received causing setbacks and failures.

From the above discussion, personal issues and concerns are most likely internal rather than external in origin. The reprogramming processes would be tough for the main issue to be resolved is within, that is him against himself. The third party is the coach and therefore requires absolute discipline on the part of the trainee.

The reprogramming coach will have to know more about the trainee by looking into how the brain of this person process and filter information using the concept of elimination, distortion and abstraction. We know that a person received more or less two million bits of information every second. With the vastness of this data, it is impossible for a person to have even one percent of the two million bits of data per second. In fact according to study, a person can reduce the two million bits of information down to about one hundred thirty and four thousand bits of information per second. Meaning he is eliminating around ninety nine percent and takes in only one percent. The data screening processes includes assimilation as to the brain’s metacognitive program, language, memories, values and beliefs. Depending on the degree of connection, association and relevance, of the new data to the millions of collage mental imprint of the brain, comes the internal representation which influx bio-electronic signals to human system to activate and animate our body into a state of emotion. Here, the internal representation of the newly filtered data underground the emotional display of a person.

As emotion is roughly define as the condition of the body in action forge by energy in motion (e-motion) shot to the body nerve network synchronizing whole physiology system of the body will manifest a behavioral outcome. In this case, without the prior reprogramming, the resulting behavior is undesirable to the target performance level. It is in this point that we began to understand the nature of our personal issues and concerns in life.

Now having elaborated the discussion about the unpacking of the causal origin of our miseries and failures, mental reprogramming and conditioning for success would be the best option to the many problems our people are facing today.

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