Most of us thought that success is just like a shooting star. It flashes its way across the horizon in beauty and fascination. However, man’s dream does not come into reality by way of chance as if chosen more than others. It is a carefully managed long term desire coming into reality cause by able preparation, consistency of purpose, overcoming hardships and work obsessions all for the desired outcome. All these require a whole new self to accomplish everyday mission for the realization of the vision behind man’s dream.

A whole new self is referring to the same person, with a new frame of mind set renewed in spirit. This can be learned through a disciplined process, remaking oneself by changing self belief and creating a new mind set for success.

A dozen tips are helpful guide for you to follow.

1. Having a unique mentality

You need to look at things differently. While others see things or situation as unchangeable, look at it as a kind of opportunity. While others get themselves go easy and relax, know the works to be done. In other words, be the source of brand new ideas to be followed not to be a follower. Remember a truly great man is not the one who follows the trail but the one who creates his own trail and get followed.

2. Committing for success

Create a clear image of your vision. Have a working road map towards the realization of the vision. Get so much obsessions about the images of your success defined by the vision. Accomplish component missions according to timeline. Win over difficult circumstances that turns out to be a stumbling block. And celebrate success momentarily.

3. Living a life in no doubt

Self efficacy is very important. Never ever think of doubting one’s own capability. Self belief transform ones spirit and recharge the whole being, to be able to do, even more than what is expected. This is the wonder of having an active spirit of success within.

4. Keeping ones space inside your circle of optimism

Associate with people who have an optimistic sense of life. Never to those who says no to your ideas. Never to those who have much reasons to say that your idea isn’t working. Yes to those who always believe the credibility of your idea. Yes to those who always lift up your spirit to do more in life. In them, sure success is in your hands.

5. Talk about Personal Success with Joy

From time to time, give yourself a reward for a work well done. Celebrate success with your chosen circle. Your joy with them surely creates another you who is going to be amazing in a couple of years. Always talk about success and forever forget failure. Doing this, all the time blocks the energy of failure and boasts energy of success. Keep the mind set of success.

6. Create a clear vision, mission and values

Your success image and vision must be very clear. Always enjoy the moment of success image in your mind. Allow this mental image to possess you throughout your journey of success. Breaks down your success image strategically into a working mission. This simplifies your way towards the whole thing of your success. Furthermore, it is very important to recognize and keep the required values of your vision. Make these values a way of life to safeguard success. Remember, success may bring you somewhere else but be careful not to loss your true identity.

7. Knowing Personal Drag

Though life is a gift from God, it is not perfected for this world. There are times that life’s baggage’s cause us so much burden. It even culminates into kicking us off from the right path. In the occasion like this, do not forget to always connect to our creator as the ultimate source of inspiration. God knows our success. He will always come to our rescue.

8. Create a master plan

In everything we do, master plan is very important. Remember, failure to have a plan means planning to fail. Master plan is your success territory. It allows you to explore in advance what comes after today.

9. Mastering expression of gratitude

Be always grateful to those who have come to help you succeed in your journey. Expression of gratitude is like a magnetic charm for you to better attract more opportunities in the future.

10. Express your dream

Words are really powerful. Lets be reminded that through the word of God, the universe was created. Believe me, not unless you clearly describe your dream in a full clean language of your own, it will never come into reality. Every word you speak of, about your dream serves as a magic potion to constantly, refuel your burning desire about your dream.

11.Always think of how rather than the what.

The how’s and what’s differentiate leadership from management. Success will never come to those who work for his own might alone. You need people around you to work with. Full knowledge of leadership is material so that people choose to follow you because they believe in you. Likewise, do not under estimate equally important principles of management to keep things going in its proper order.

12. Motivation even in the new normal situation.

Motivation comes in two kinds according to its sources. A motivation could be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is your own volition, its your own very reasons that keeps you going. Extrinsic motivation is external factors, which could be a reward, favor, commitment to some, family advancement, etc. Equal full strength of these two kinds will have a greater impact on the way you will respond to life’s challenges ahead.

Success is everyone’s dream. But dream is not everyone’s success because, not all who uses to dream move heaven and earth strategically to the cause of success.

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