Sleep paralysis. A sleep disorder that lets you dream of something dreadful and your body won’t respond the way you want it to. Alyssa has suffered sleep paralysis for God knows how many years. As she grows older, those terrifying dreams become more vivid than before. 


A face as white as paper and full of blood, staring at her. The face was smiling from ear to ear while staring at Alyssa. She tried to move her body but as what she expected, she couldn’t move! Her heartbeat is increasing and her fear is growing as the smiling face comes closer and closer, until it is centimeters away from her.

She abruptly opened her eyes. Alyssa sat up from her bed and clenched her chest. One day she would die from a heart attack! She looked at the clock. It was 3 am. She sighed and calmed herself and she browsed her phone. She needed to badly calm down. Her heartbeat was erratic. The horrifying face left a terrifying impression on her. 

She didn’t sleep anymore and kept on staring at the screen. Alyssa fought the sleepiness because she was afraid that the sleep paralysis would come back. Alyssa wasn’t a religious person but her family was. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe, but rather, she’s too lazy to improve her relationship with God. 

Alyssa’s family is Catholic. Most of the time, they pray without Alyssa. 

The sun finally rose, Alyssa stood up from her bed and got readied for school. As she was walking towards school, she suddenly remembered the horrid face of the woman in her dreams. She began to shiver and she quickly blanked out her mind. 

At class time, Alyssa’s chin was held by her right hand while she was looking outside the window. Then she saw a woman covered in blood, walking towards the classroom. Horrified, she quickly gathered her things and ran towards home. 

“Honey, why the rush?” Her mother asked her. She looked at her mother then at the window. The bloodied woman was getting closer!

“Mom! There’s a bloodied woman following me! I’m scared!” Alyssa said as tears came streaming down her face. 

Her mother embraced her. “Oh dear. Pray to God and the woman will disappear. You just need devotion to God.”

As if hearing a miracle, Alyssa quickly prayed.

Then there was a knock heard from their front door. Alyssa looked at the window and saw the woman. 

“Mom don’t open the door, it’s her!” 

“It’s okay sweetie. Let’s just pray.” 

Both mother and daughter continued to pray until the knocking was gone. 

“See honey? All we need is God.”


When you are afraid of some things, all you need is to pray for God and He will lead the way. 

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