When Jesus came down from the mountain, large crowd followed Him. Then a leper came forward. He knelt before Him and said, ” Sir, if you want to, you can make me clean.” Jesus stretch out His hand, touched him and said, ” I want to, be clean again.” At that very moment, the man was cleansed from his leprosy. Then Jesus said to Him, ” See that you do not tell anyone, but go to a priest, have yourself declared clean, and offer the gift that Moses commanded as evidence for them.


When the leper said, ” Sir if you want to, you can make me clean.” this was a declaration of a fully trusting heart. It is also an expression of genuine faith unto Jesus. This is also the same trust and faith that move Jesus wanting to clean the leper. It is in the same that led Him to stretch His hands into an act of cleansing the leper. Brothèrs and sisters, our trust and faith would truly touch God’s compassion. His wants and responses of answering our needs and perhaps some of our wants, not inimical to us in search for His kingdom, could be touched by the quality of our faith.

When Jesus said ” go to the priest and have yourself declared clean and do some offerings as Moses had commanded,” encourages us to do our witnessing not in private but in christian assemblies and offer gifts of thanks giving by helping those who are in dire needs just around the community.

Yes! Brothers and sisters faith can move mountain but only when it is truly alive in the display of one’s work.

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