Learning Continuity Plan

Running an institution in this new normal situation is not easy. Learning communities serve as the change venues of life to effectively adjust to the new demand emerging from the current situation. Education is  change for the better. The new situation that we have now is not getting any better day after day instead stuck in fear locking down institution and homes for safety.  But for how long we could sustain if we will not do something out of this situation? No matter what, life must go on by just  playing an excellent scape of this difficult situation day after day.


As educator, we work for change. A change process that will augment the present status of life into something better. Yes! forcing a dramatic change is not possible at this time but a carefully planned transformational change would matter in a couple of months? or years perhaps? Depending on various adaptations so desired in this new survival set up.

Hence, the Department of Education in her efforts to serve the Filipinos, device the so called Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan to ensure uninterrupted services to our valued client in a safe and secure way  through careful planning   base on research findings and recommendations using the available resources and technology of our learners.  It is our hope and prayers that school stakeholders, internal and external, will  join hands  together  to support  the school Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) to be implemented this coming August 24, 2020.

Presented here is the Learning Continuity Plan  (LCP) of  Mulao National High School for School Year 2020-2021.


Hover on top of the LCP cover and click to view…




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