When the time came for Elizabeth, she give birth to a son. Her neighbors and relatives  heard  the merciful  lord had  done a wonderful  thing for her,  and they rejoice with her.

When, the eight day, they came to attend the circumcision of the child, they wanted to name  him Zachariah  after his father.  But his mother said, “ not so he shall be called John.”

They said to her, “ But no one in your family has that name!”  and they made signs to his father  for the name he wanted to give him, Zachariah asked for a writing tablet. And wrote on it,  “ HI name is John; “ and they were very surprised, immediately, Zachariah could speak again, and his words were in praise of God. A holy fear came on all  in the neighborhood, and throughout the hill country of Judea the people talked about these events. All who heard of id pondered in their minds. And wondered, “what will this child be?” For they understood that the hand of the Lord was with him.

As the child grows up, he was seen to be strong in the Spirit; and he lived in the desert, until the day when he appeared openly in Israel.


All of us in this world came by destiny. That is   why, regardless of what we do outside God’s plan will turn into nothing. There is nothing wrong about doing our best in fact, appreciable as long as you did it in accordance to the will of God.

In this Bible reading, John “the Baptist” was born ahead of Jesus. He is regarded as the voice in the dessert calling out loud “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, Make his paths straight.”

John knows his place when Jesus came to him and got baptized. Though John was the subject of men’s eye during his time, he knows he is the second and that Jesus is the first.  And he was very happy about it. John’s recognition was not important but Jesus was through his humble works.

Everyone’s role in this world is pre-charted. Our mission is to perform our roles according to what God wants us to do. John was destined to prepare the way of the Lord by proclaiming the gospel and baptizing those who wanted to turn to Jesus. John even baptize Jesus from the very start regardless of authority and power because every role is greater than anybody within the tenets of service so things will be prepared in a way should be.  In the concept of service, all has the right to avail regardless of personality; authority and power as Jesus submit himself to be baptized by John.

The challenge brothers and sisters, we are the new version of John. In our own way, how could we be able to prepare the way of the Lord? While John is considered as the “voice of the dessert”, How would you like to be called by doing the same? Our God is the same God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. We need to prepare His coming in the same way John had done some two thousand years ago.

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