One of the very important persons in a learning institution is the school head. The school head is not only a leader but also a manager. As leader, he/she needs to inspire people to follow his/her lead towards the vision of the school. As manager, he/she needs to be a good implementer and organizer according to the plan laid out in the School’s Improvement Plan in a couple of three years. Along this professional journey to achieve excellence, school heads could not help but little by little may become a micro-school head or a macro-school head depending on the way he/she responded to the challenging moments attach to the duties and responsibilities over time.

A school head may become micro-school head when it manifest the following: failed to delegate school task among teachers, focus much on doing details rather than the big picture, taking lightly to no consideration on the suggestions of others for selfish authority, box creativity of teachers seeing only better ideas of himself, does not obtain feedback and advice, more of telling others on how to do their work and demand dependence among his/her teachers.

On the other hand, a school head may become a macro-school head when he/she manifest the following: ultimate direction is the goal, empowers the teachers to hone their creativity for a better result, motivate teachers to achieve more for professional growth and development, get into the task of the teacher to provide support and rescue in difficult situation, articulates expectations among teachers to be performed and provide necessary materials and other support system for the teachers success.

In general, micro-school heads are school heads who are more likely to become a manager rather than a leader. They are seen as high task and low relationship for teachers are force to do the task without their motivation of doing it. Their performance and product outputs are not fashioned with love but merely a result of compliance in so much pressure and disgust. As a result, they will do only what is required of them.

Macro-school head are school heads who are more likely to become a leader rather than a manager. They are seen as high task and high relationship for teachers are motivated to do the assigned task more than what is required from them because they are given the freedom to show their creative expressions to produce the required outputs. As a result, their performance and product outputs would be fashioned with love and so much dedication with the joy of doing it.

Finally, being a micro-school head or a macro-school head is not a choice but rather a gradual result of unconscious leadership and managerial drift  over a period of time with the bombardment of some leadership and managerial issues and concerns along the way.


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