They sent to Jesus to some Pharisees with the members of Herod’ party, with the purpose of trapping him by his own words. They came and said to Jesus, ” Master we knew that you are truthful; you are nit influence by anyone, and your answers do not vary according to who is listening  to you, but truly teach God’s way. “Tell us, is it against the law to pay taxes to Caesar? Should we pay them or not!” 

But Jesus saw through their trick and answered, ” Why are you testing me?  Being me a silver coin and let me see it.” They brought him one and Jesus asked, Whose image is this, and whose name?

They answered, ” Caesar’s.” Then Jesus said, ” Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God, what is God’s.”  and they were greatly astonished.

Wisdom of men is foolishness to God, Book of Kings


The Pharisees wanted to trick Jesus so that he would end up saying that could damage and ruin his name against authorities. But as they carefully present their logic Jesus knew it was a trick and Jesus said “give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”  

They  were caught in  great astonishment and leave Him upon hearing His response. In deed  Jesus was able to keep himself from the pitfalls of planned destruction or self demolition.

What is the meat of the gospel? We are living in a deceitful and judgmental world. Many of those who are around  waited for a perfect timing like lion ready to lark its prey. Others are judgmental, giving and publicizing their impartialities without  the merit of the due process of law. 

Furthermore, the tax collection of silver coin reminded us to get our income from a legitimate source only. Honest income is hard to spend. Wise spending brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to be prudent in  our daily spending. Do not spend more than your earning because you may find it hard to meet both ends causing you to go around helplessly and vulnerable to financial sharks. In this case, you will end up into serious financial trouble in the future which will make life more difficult to paddled on.


Lord, holy is your name and great is your love.  Thank you for the teaching and wisdom of  the day. Forgive my trespasses as I forgive those who  trespassed against me. Grant me oh God courage and wisdom to review my ways of living and spending and reprogram according to your light and guidance to better my ways of living ahead. Amen

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