The New Normal Phenomenon

According to Herodotus, Greek historian, ” nothing is permanent in this world except change”. Change last for eternity.    Human being is a creature of habits. Normally would not like to be in a different situation pushing them out of their comfort zone. What they like most is to live a life in a familiar ground doing things in their usual pace and most prepared way.

 To what extend new normal phenomenon breaks in? Is it something that we just want to happen in the name of change? Or Is it something that is historically insane and  scary if not given due attention would peril the interest of the general public.

When we say normal, it is something that is part of the human habit. It is something not surprising. It is in fact doing something in the same way over and over again. It is indeed something that people use to do things everyday. New normal is a significant deviation from the normal. It is setting up a new mental imprint other than the way  one use to be. It is in fact recognizing new things, concepts, principles and practices as an appropriate response to the new needs arising from the actual encounter of man deemed for survival. New normal refers to  a brand new look of life as a way of accommodating new learning as an appropriate response to a  new situation. This includes re-framing of the mind, reprogramming the mental images, and drawing new habits. And living a totally new different ways that human never had before. This is habit forming and behavioral remaking process. Since this involves process,  it will not be happening in an easy way. It will kick off in our dislikes. Almost if not all, detest it. Question. Can any one does away with it? I guess not even one because while seemingly idiots tries against, authorities deny and even punish them. The will would become a universal rule to observe. Laws might be promulgated to define new practices and penalize violators. As years go by, new habits will be formed and everyone will feel comfortable and happy.

Before human mind totally harbor the change brought about by the new normal phenomenon, struggle is an utmost concern. One could not avoid the feeling of detest. Everyone must commit to overcome first of himself. Though hard, must do it by setting sight in conformity with that of the many. Do not dare to be different for it would be a never ending struggle of no avail. 

What would be our response? What should be done to accommodate the concept of   “new normal”. Life is no better with pessimism. I mean, ways of thinking must be positive. One of the laws of success is to live a life in constant optimism.

One of the pressing concern is individual ‘s way of welcoming change. Do not go against the newly perceived reality. Know your needs as to tools. Do you have the required tools for the perceived change? Second, know the available technology around. Be careful, do not allow technological limit to enslave you. Third, know your skills useful into this new process of change. It might bring  you to another level of success. Fourth, know your mental imprint. Examine carefully appropriate habits of the mind. Conform it to the new standard that comes along with the new normal. Fifth, know your professional support system. Support system may be internal and/or external. Never think of being alone. They are more than happy as you are when providing assistance. Be an open book accepting new entries such as the look of new self, new work environment, new ways of thinking, etc. They are just there ready to help you when you needed them most.

New normal might not be beneficial to some extent but surely beneficial in general. It is born out from the general advantage of the public. If you happen to be affected negatively then, it says that  what  you are doing right now is nearing obsolescence. You need to change your ways.  In this new phenomenon, the old adage ” there is more for you to eat before you become what you want” will be of no credit.  What is really in and favored now  is not what you know but how fast you can know.

In totality, a new normal phenomenon is a change adaptation responding to the needs of general public  for survival and  betterment. 

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