MATTHEW 13:47-53 “The Way To Salvation and The Promise of Resurrection”



Again,  the kingdom of heaven is like a big fishing net, let down into the sea, in which every kind of fish has been caught. When the net is full, it is dragged ashore. Then they sit down and gather the good fish into buckets, but throw the bad away. That is how it will be at the end of time; the angels will go out to separate the wicked from the just, and to throw the wicked into the blazing furnace, where they will weep and gnash their teeth.”

Jesus asked, “Have you understood all these things?” “ yes,” They answered.

So he said to them, “ Therefore, every teacher of the law, who becomes a disciple of the kingdom of heaven, is like a householder, who can produce from his store things both new and old.”

When Jesus had finished these parables he left that place. 



This gospel reading depicts  what will happen to the ends of time. The net signifies no exemption. All are judged alike not on the values of our position in life but according to the individual value and quality of our soul on the duration of our stay here on earth. 

On the judgement day, the judge is the Father and the counsel is Jesus.   Jesus is the only way to salvation and the promise of resurrection to have an everlasting life with the Father in heaven. 

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