A popular quote “If you go for a dream, dream it big and don’t fall short of it anyway it is just a dream”.  This line sounds ordinary but wanted to let people make sense of it by looking it into another perspective.  Less in life just doesn’t take things seriously while those who have more take it on the other side. The difference between those that have and those that have not is a razor blade. Sad to think that such difference exist mentally rather than physically.

On the other hand there are those that have less did well everyday in their daily chores and those that have much didn’t even do well in their daily chores. The difference is again a razor blade. Sad to think that such identified difference exist mentally rather than physically. But why?

The difference among them is very thin but the impact is great. Changing the habit of the mind will mean so much to the success image emerging within the brain. A body system start to behave according its mental makeup and things will be done differently by the physical being in consonant with the desired end result. All human energy converges into one direction that is positive. As a result, performance outcome is definitely good.

The perceive mean source of power is the brain. Things get done when the mental energy of a person align with the will power of a person like a magnetic flux. Consciousness about this mental energy phenomenon must be taken into consideration to create a proper mind set to achieve success and prosperity in life.

Success can only be possible when a person looks at oneself to be successful within the mental framework. One can be what he think and see at the back of the brain only when the mental energy of a person burst out into a magnetic flux and make things happen according to the mental images.

Mental imaging for success culminates within the process of fluxion in a reasonable period of time until success is evident. Persistence is only needed within the period of reasonable time to force out for a desirable result. This idea is easily said than done that is it requires practice and simulation to take control of everything. Mental images of success in the brain serve as the objective focus of the whole human system to achieve the final goal in life thereby achieving success and prosperity.

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