Essential Elements of a Resolution

Every year marks a challenging journey  of a person.  The difficulties in the past were lessons to learn  to better off in the future. How could this be possible? One must pause for a while, look back and ponder about the rich experiences to  better prepare for the coming days of ones life. 

Knowledge  from the past makes one older and wiser. This allows a person to think about his accomplishments and failures to improve life ahead. A resolution is one of the many ways a person can do to raise the level of consciousness in taking his ways for the coming year.

Year 2018 was a great year pack with different life’s challenges and trials. Despite such, Filipino people handled  it courageously with resilience. Life was really hard for the past year. Thank God we were able to make it and now comes 2019. 

Part  of this year’s preparation is to come up with an enabling resolution. A resolution that covers the different anticipated odds of the coming year. But wait, what is in there when talking about resolution?  For many, it sounds ordinary and senseless for almost all of us if not many are use to it every year. The question is, were your resolutions working for the past few years? The answer would be, I don’t know  or  may be it works but isn’t a big deal. 

When a person commit a resolution, he needs to be very serious about it and must highlight an improvement or a development of ones life to make it far more better in a couples of years. A good resolution must have the following elements a) objective b) realistic  and c) doable in all aspects of  human person. These includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. 

A resolution is objective when it is specific, measurable, attainable result oriented and time bounded. A resolution must be very clear to a person. He knows how to go with it. When an action is taken expected result will likely to happen.  And most of all it is within the period of one year or doable within 2019. This could be physical in nature such as doing a routine exercises to improve health condition. This could be Mental in nature such as doing a relevant reading to improve mental alertness and understanding. This could be emotional by forgetting and forgiving our offenders in the past. This could be spiritual in nature by accepting a simple covenant of 30 minutes prayer every day  to our creator. 

A resolution is realistic when it exists in the material word that we are in. And this should be true to all aspects of a human person be it physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

A resolution is doable when the possibility of accomplishing it is high. The physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual aspects of an objective and realistic resolution is undoubtedly within the ability of the player and the charted period of time. 

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