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If you also motorize your metal curtains? - rfremoteswitch - 05-11-2018 11:56 AM

Are you a store owner? And you have enough to open and close her metal curtains every day? We have the solution for you: motorize your metal curtains. This equipment will practically make your job easier by automatically opening and closing the front of your store. In this post, discover the advantages of a metal curtain motorization.

Make your life easier with a metal curtain motorization

The metal curtain motorization is a very practical and efficient equipment.

Practical because it greatly simplifies your life and allows you to enjoy excellent well-being on a daily basis. Indeed, you will no longer waste time manually manoeuvring your sliding curtains every morning and every evening. A simple gesture allows you to open and close them automatically. Simply press a button on the rf remote control or insert the key into the case to ensure they open and close.

The efficiency of this equipment is also reflected by its ability to quickly open metal curtains. Even if the latter are very imposing, the automatism will always know how to open and close them in no time. Some models are designed to withstand heavy use. Moreover, they are mandatory when the deck weighs more than 80kg and has a surface area exceeding 7 m².

Metal curtain motorization: safety equipment

The metal curtain motor is also a safety device. The installation of this device makes it possible to optimize the safety of your store or your professional premises. It allows you not only a simplified opening or closing of your metal curtains, but also contributes to their good functioning. Equipped with an engine, they are no longer likely to break down during use (which often happens when opening or closing manually).

In addition, these drives are designed to reinforce the closure of your metal curtains to resist all kinds of break-ins. Indeed, it guarantees optimal protection of the buildings it equips. By choosing a metal curtain motor, you no longer have to worry about securing your stores or boutiques.

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RE: If you also motorize your metal curtains? - Reinhart - 09-25-2018 08:03 PM

Is the motor durable? How many years does it usually last without issues?