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Difference between CPE and DPE? - aiyashika - 10-28-2015 08:03 PM


I'm a distance learning student from Cap College taking up AB English. I'm already on my last term and canvassing for schools in Cebu area (only) that offers DPE or CPE, but I am now confused since I don't understand the difference between DPE or CPE, and as I was going through this forum I saw that there is an 18 and 30 unit courses for DPE/CPE. I am not very familiar with education and have no work experience as a teacher, but am considering this career path as I think its a very solid path.

But moving back to my first concern why is there an 18 and 30 unit course for DPE/CPE? 2nd question: What's the difference between DPE and CPE? and my third question is about my bachelor's degree in AB English, and I read somewhere that Saint Theresa's College is a preferred choice for those with English background. I just want to know if there is another university that can match STC? I don't know the terms for all this education and teaching stuff, but I would appreciate a little nudge here and there so I can start narrowing my plan.

I'm not in a hurry to enrol yet since I still am waiting for my official records to be release, diploma to be made, and a graduation rites to attend to by May of next year.

Thank you all!!! Smile

RE: Difference between CPE and DPE? - rvalperez - 04-08-2016 01:31 PM

By earning only 18 units in Professional Education, which is the minimum required number of units for you to take the LET (Licensure Exam for Teachers), you are eligible to get the CPE (Certificate in Professional Education). But if you are willing to complete the program, that is - proceed with Practice Teaching and Field Study, you will be eligible for the DPE (Diploma) for a total of some 30 units.

Take note though, that the Practice Teaching and Field Study is needed for application to DepEd (public schools). So if you will only get 18 units and even if you will pass the LET, it will be hard for you to enter DepEd. Smile