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Reltionship - ILoveMyTeacher - 10-17-2014 12:31 AM

Hi everyone, I'm really not an educator, so pardon my English. Im separated
not divorced, so basically im still married, but we don't live together anymore. I think its been 3 years since we parted ways. We had a very complicated marriage but thats another story. Its not easy to file a divorce here in the Philippines its quite expensive and would take years.

As of now im living with my partner who is to become a teacher this coming march and she's planning on taking the board. Im quite sure she can pass because shes intelligent and resourceful.

I read somewhere that it is against the teachers code of ethics to have this kind of relationship even though I'm separated, she might be stripped of her license and not able to teach.

I love her so much and plans to be with her forever.
but if its true that she wont be able to teach, maybe I should just walk away and not hinder her dreams of becoming a teacher.

Can anybody enlighten me on this, any advice will be wholeheartedly appreciated. Thank you.