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UP Diliman Transferring - DeLeonJM - 12-24-2013 12:01 PM

I am John Michael De Leon, a freshman at the Tarlac State University. I failed on the UPCAT 2012 because I got lost in the right track (please do not be like me). My father's side is full of UP Graduates, it was only me who haven't made it into UP. I am planning to transfer next academic year.
Here are my top 3 choices and their respective GWA requirements:
B Secondary Education (1.75)
BA English Studies (2.00)
BA Speech Communication (2.00)
My first semester GWA is 1.76. I need a minimum of 1.74 this semester. Please, I need some motivators and pieces of advice. I really fear about the admission exam. I am going to sacrifice the summer term here at TSU for the UP transferring. I might get delayed for a year if I failed. Anyone who can help me please? Adviceeeeee~~