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sped curriculum - capricornk - 08-07-2012 06:41 PM

hello.. can i ask what is the curriculum for SPED education?

RE: sped curriculum - Kimalvindelara - 08-13-2012 11:23 AM

Policies and Guidelines for Special Education


Curriculum Content, Instructional Strategies and Materials


The curriculum for Special Education shall be based on the
curriculum prescribed for the regular schools by the Ministry of
Education, Culture and Sports.

1.1 The following schemes or options may be adopted for Special
Education Programs

1.1.1 Regular curriculum - the curriculum prescribed for regular

1.1.2 Modified curriculum - the curriculum prescribed for
regular children with certain adaptations to meet the needs of
special children.

1.1.3 Special curriculum - the curriculum for children with
special needs aimed primarily at developing special adoptive skills
to maximize their potentials.

1.2 Curriculum plans shall be research-based, tested successfully
on a pilot basis before their implementation on a bigger scale, and
evaluated periodically. These plans shall be accompanied by a
variety of instructional materials.

1.3 The modified curriculum for the visually impaired shall
include sensory training, special instruction in Braille reading
and writing, mathematics, orientation and mobility, Braille music,
and typing.

1.4 The modified curriculum for the hearing impaired shall
emphasize communication and language development based on the
philosophy of TOtal Communication which is tailored to meet the
individual child's communication, and educational needs. The
curriculum, in addition, shall include special instruction in
speech and speechreading, auditory training and rhythm. The
multi-sensory approach shall be maximized and speech/speechreading
and sign language shall be encouraged starting in Grade I.

1.4.1 Filipino Sign Language shall be used in the education of
the hearing impaired.

1.5 The modified curriculum for children with behavior problems
shall include special activities and instructional techniques for
the normalization of behavior with emphasis on moral, civic and
spiritual values as well as training in livelihood, and technical
and academic skills to prepare them for the world of work.

1.6 The curriculum for the physically handicapped child shall
include functional exercises.

1.7 The special curriculum for the mentally retarded shall
emphasize training in self-care, socialization, motor and
pre-vocational and vocational skills. For the more severely
ratarded child, emphasis shall be on development of self-care

1.8 Teaching strategies shall be creative and multi-dimensional.
They shall make maximum use of all remaining sense modalities and
provide for active participation in the learning process.

1.9 All special schools shall strengthen their vocational and
technical training programs. Arrangements shall be made to enable
the child with special needs to attend special courses offered in
the regular vocational schools whenever practical.

1.10 A community-based, home-based or any useful alternative
special education delivery system shall be established to reach
those who cannot avail of regular institution-based programs.

1.11 Effective guidance and counselling programs shall be
developed and maintained.