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Mock LET questions part 1 - admin - 05-20-2011 12:04 AM

Please help provide answers. Thanks.

Part I – Multiple Choice. Write the letter(s) that corresponds to your best choice in your answer sheet. If ever none of the choices is right, write the correct answer.

1. A student knows that the examination week is approaching, but instead of studying, he chose to spend his time playing computer games. On the examination day itself, He opted to pray for miracles rather than studying. Which attitude towards religion is displayed? Miracles rather than studying which attitude towards religion is displayed?
A. Religion as Fake C. Religion as authentic
B. Religion as Magic D. Religion as real

2. ___ is/are used as medium/media of instruction in schools during the Spanish era.
A. The vernacular C. Spanish
B. English D. Spanish and the vernacular

3. The use of the integrated approach in both secondary and primary level subjects is a result of the implementation of the _____.
A. Program for Decentralized Education C. Basic Education Curriculum,
B. School- based management D. School First Initiative

4. What government program allows students who are not accommodated in community public schools to enroll in private school at the government’s expense?
A. Government Assistance Program C. Educational Service Contract System,
B. Study now Pay later D. National Scholarship Program

5. _____was the 1980’s foremost educational issue.
A. Bilingual Education C. Accountability
B. Values Education D. Mainstreaming

6. The government’s educational program on _____made the Philippine Education Placement Test accessible for adults and out-of-school-youth.
A. Equitable Access C. Quality and relevance
B. Quality D. Relevance

7. College students are required to take a constitution course for them to ____.
A. Develop students into responsible and thinking students.
B. Acquaint students with the historical development of the Philippine Constitution
C. Make students experts in terms of Philippine Constitution
D. Prepare the students for law making.

8. _____ supports equitable access but on the other hand, quality might be compromised.
A. Open admission C. Deregulated tuition fee hike
B. School accreditation D. Selective retention

9. Educational institutions’ effort of developing work skills inside the school are aimed at _____.
A. Developing moral character C. Inculcating love of country
B. Teaching the duties of citizenship D. Developing vocational efficiency

10. In Piaget’s concrete operational stage, a teacher should provide ____.
A. Activities for hypothesis formulation
B. Learning activities that involve problems of classification and order
C. Activities for evaluation purposes.
D. Stimulating environment with ample objects to play with

11. Interpersonal intelligence is best shown by a student who ____.
A. Works on his/her own
B. Keeps interest to himself/herself
C. Seeks out a classmate for help when problem occurs
D. Spends time meditating

12. A student is finding it hard to read. When the guidance counselor traced the child’s history, the counselor was able to find out that the student came a dysfunctional family, aside from that, the child was abused and neglected. What could have caused the student’s reading disability?
A. Emotional factors C. Neurological factors
B. Poor teaching D. Immaturity

13. A child was punished for cheating in an exam. For sure the child wont cheat again in short span of time, but this does not guarantee that the child won’t cheat ever again Based on Thorndike’s theory on punishment and learning, this shows that______.
A. Punishment strengthens a response C. Punishment doesn’t remove a response
B. Punishment removes response D. Punishment weakens a response

14. Laughing at a two-year old child who uttered a bad word is not a proper thing to do because in this stage of the child’s life, the child is______
A. Considering the views of other C. Socializing
B. Distinguishing sex differences D. Distinguishing right from wrong

15. “Men are built not born.” This quotation by John Watson states that______.
A. The ineffectiveness of training on a person’s development
B. The effect of environmental stimulation on a person’s development
C. The absence of genetic influence on a person’s development
D. The effect of heredity

16. A child who is cold towards the people around him might have failed to attain what basic goal based on Erikson’s theory on psychological development?
A. Autonomy C. Initiative
B. Trust D. Mistrust

17. A boy is closer to his mother and a girl is closer to her father. These instances are under ______.
A. Oedipal Complex C. Phallic stage
B. Latent stage D. Pre-genital stage

18. ______ are rights that cannot be renounced because they needed for a person to fulfill his/her primordial obligations.
A. Perfect rights C. Acquired rights
B. Alienable rights D. Inalienable rights

19. A grade 1 pupil likes to play with his friends, but gets angry when defeated. Piaget’s theory states that this pupil is under what developmental stage?
A. Concrete operation C. Formal Operation
B. Sensor motor D. Pre-operation

20. Which describes Philippine education during the Spanish regime?
A. Establishment of a normal school C. Vernacular as medium of instruction
B. Separation of church and state D. Emphasis on religious instruction

21. Some Filipino teachers are sent abroad to study. We call them_____.
A. Insulares C. Peninsulares
B. Pensionados D. Reformists

22. Jose Rizal said that national redemption can be achieved by ______.
A. Gaining economic recovery
B. Stabilizing political situation
C. Opening our doors to foreign influence
D. Upgrading the quality of the Filipinos through education

23. A foreign who studying here in the Philippines was turned-off by the Filipinos’ lack of punctuality and poor word choice
A. Ethnocentrism C. Xenocentrism
B. Colonial mentality Culture shock

24. If you are a wise voter, you would vote ____.
A. A candidate who has the making of a public servant
B. A neighbor who is closest to you in times of need
C. A candidate who helped you by giving cash
D. A godfather who gave your father a job

25. A pregnant, unmarried woman aborted her baby to avoid disgrace. Is she morally justified to do that?
A. No, the unborn child cannot be made to suffer the consequences of the sins of his/her parents.
B. Yes, it can save her and the child from disgrace when he grows up.
C. No, abortion is immoral.
D. Yes, it is better to prevent the child from coming into the world who will suffer very much due to the absence of a father

26. This constitutional provision is the full and partial integration of the capable deaf and blind students in the classroom.
A. Creating scholarship for poor and deserving students.
B. Academic freedom
C. Providing citizenship and vocational training to adult citizens and out-of-school youths.
D. Protecting and promoting the right of all citizens to quality education.

27. The difference between Christian and Muslim marriage, the former being monogamous and the later being polygamous is called _____.
A. Ethical Relativism C. Acculturation
B. Enculturation D. Cultural relativism

28. A perfect duty is exemplified:
A. Supporting a poor but deserving student school. C. Donating an amount for noble project.
B. Paying the worker the wages agreed upon. D. Giving alms to the needy

29. Teachers are tasked with so many things to do aside from teaching. Sometimes these tasks adversely affect their teaching. Does this mean that teachers should be only preoccupied with teaching?

A. Yes, if they are given other assignments justice demands that they be properly compensated.
B. No, because every teacher is expected to provide leadership and initiative in activities for betterment of communities.
C. Yes, because other community leaders, not teachers, are tasked to lead in community activities
D. Yes, because teaching is enough full time job.

30. The brain’s left hemisphere is involved in _____function.
A. Intuitive C. Nonverbal
B. Visual D. Logical

31. The Professional Teachers Code of Ethics does not cover ____.
A. Teachers in the tertiary level
B. All full time or part time public and private school teachers and administrators
C. Teachers in all educational institutions at the pre-school, elementary and secondary levels.
D. Teachers of academic, vocational, special, technical or non-formal institutions

32. _____ is the start of Education in human rights.
A. Loving others C. Caring for others
B. Liking others D. Respects towards others

33. This is the objective of the continuous progression scheme that was introduced in the elementary level in the school year 1970 to 1971.
A. Mastery of three r’s C. Mass promotion
B. Pupils progression according to capacity D. Access to education

34. Schema theory states that:
A. We learn by the process of conditioning
B. We are passive learners
C. We organize what we learn according to patterns
D. We are totally conditioned by our environment.

35. If one asked to develop himself to the fullest, what need is he trying to satisfy according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
A. Safety needs C. Belongingness
B. Physiological needs D. Self-actualization

36. Fear of something that was caused by a painful experiences in the past is an example of:
A. Insight C. Operant conditioning
B. Classical conditioning D. Imitation

37. Filipinization is violated if:

A. An educational institution is owned by a corporation of which 40% of the capital is owned by Filipino Citizens.
B. An educational institution owned by a religious order
C. An American serving as president of the educational institution.
D. An Educational institution owned by a charitable institution.

38. Education during the American regime can be characterized as:
A. Religious C. Filipinistic
B. Centralized D. Decentralized

B – During American regime, the educational system is centralized.

39. According to the Republic Act 7836 the licensure exam for teachers is with:
B. PRC D. Civil Service Commission

40. Libel violates what particular human rights?
A. The right to one’s own life C. The right to make a livelihood
B. The right to one’s honor D. The right to property

41. We owe today’s widespread Philippine educational system to:
A. The first Filipino political leaders C. The Japanese
B. The Americans D. The Spaniards

42. Thomasites are:
A. The soldiers who doubted the success of the public educational system to be set in the Philippines
B. The first American teacher recruits to help establish the public educational system in the Philippines.
C. The first religious group who came to the Philippines on board the US transport named Thomas.
D. The devotees of St. Thomas Aquinas who came to evangelize.

43. During the American regime, they named the American soldiers, who were recruited to help set the public educational system, as Thomasites because:
A. They arrived here during the feast of St. Thomas
B. They first taught at UST
C. They were devotees of St. Thomas Aquinas
D. They disembarked from the CIS Transport called Thomas

44. The following functions are done by the brain’s right hemisphere except:
A. Nonverbal functions C. Detail-oriented function
B. Intuitive functions D. Visual function

45. The right brain involves _____ functions.
A. Visual. Intuitive, Logical C. Visual, Nonverbal, Logical
B. Visual, Intuitive, Nonverbal D. Visual, Logical, Detail-oriented

46. This is a Filipino trait that involves practicing values in different regions and social groups.
A. Crab mentality C. Procrastination
B. “Kanya-kanya” mentality D. Existential intelligence

47. In the Philippine culture, the term “bahala na” implies:
A. Lack of self reliance C. Lack of foresight
B. Willingness to take risks D. Indolence

48. Who is the forerunner of the presence of the Language Acquisition Device?
A. Watson C. Chomsky
B. Gardner D. Piaget

49. A teacher rewards a child for doing things correctly. This technique is called:
A. Conditioning C. Chaining
B. Fading D. Reinforcement

50. Erikson said that children aged 3-5 is most likely:
A. Mischievous C. Lazy
B. Ego-centric D. Altruistic

51. Erikson labeled children who are two years of age as “terrible two” because_____.
A. They are inquisitive C. they Are playful
B. They are sickly D. They are assertive

52. A person who is friendly and has a capacity to make people laugh possess:
A. Naturalistic intelligence C. Intrapersonal intelligence
B. Spatial intelligence D. Interpersonal intelligence

53. A child who always fight with his/her classmates, who has a very short attention span, and who has frequent tantrums is believed to be suffering from:
A. Mental retardation C. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
B. Down’s syndrome D. Learning disability

54. When is a teacher prejudicial against a learner?
A. When she refuses a pupil with a slight physical disability in class.
B. When she makes a farsighted pupil to sit at the back.
C. When she makes a nearsighted pupil to sit in front.
D. When she considers multiple intelligences in the choice of her teaching strategies.

55. The effectiveness of learning is based on the fulfillment of the basic needs in the hierarchy of needs. This is based on the theory of _____.
A. Rogers C. Horney
B. Murray D. Maslow

56. _____ are the first American teachers in the Philippines.
A. Graduates of the Philippine Normal School C. Soldiers
B. Missionaries D. Thomasites

57. Utilizing both sides of the brain is important in achieving holistic learning; cognitive and affective, and the logical along with the ____.
A. Behavioral C. Musical
B. Intuitive D. Rational

58. Philippine Education during the Revolutionary period was focused on the:
A. Mastery of the Spanish language C. Mastery of basic skills
B. Strengthening of the moral fiber of the people D. Establishment of nationhood

59. The government controls, regulates and supervises which schools?
A. Public, private sectarian, and non sectarian schools C. Private schools
B. Public schools D. Sectarian and non sectarian schools

60. _____ was adopted to provide universal access to basic learning, and to eradicate literacy.
A. “Paaralan-sa-bawat-Baranggay” C. Values Education Framework
B. Education for All D. Science and Education Development Plan

61. A student with Attention Deficit Disorder exhibits:
A. Care for his/her personal things C. Complete work before shifting to another
B. Impatient while waiting for his/her turn during games D. Excessively quite

62. Which among the statements below is true about Human Rights?
A. Human rights are unlimited C. All human rights are inalienable
B. Human rights is a moral power not a physical power D. Human right is might

63. A child with ADHD is characterized by:
A. Inability to read C. Poor health
B. Inattention D. Inability to spell

64. ______ embodies a teacher’s duties and responsibilities as well as the proper decorum in performing
A. Code of Ethics for Teachers C. Bill of Rights
B. Magna Carta for Public School teachers D. Philippine Constitution of 1987

65. A child treats his friends highly aggressive. The reason behind this attitude is his past experiences with his father who is also highly aggressive. This is demonstrated on what theory?
A. Social cognitive theory C. Operant conditioning
B. Cognitive development theory D. Classical conditioning

66. Based on Jung’s Psychological theory, a child who is shy and prefers to be alone falls under what classification?
A. Extrovert C. Paranoid
B. Ambivert D. Introvert

67. ______ puts emphasis on the importance of sensitive periods in development.
A. Ecological theory C. psychoanalytic theory
B. Social Cognitive theory D. Ethnological theory

68. Contrary to Freud’s concept that the primary motivation of human behavior is sexual in nature, Erikson’s is ______ in nature.
A. Social C. Physical
B. Cultural D. Biological

69. Lately, authorities’ advice parents of left handed children to:
A. Train the child with left-hand tendency to use the right
B. Train the left handed child to use both right and left hands
C. Allow children to use the hand they want
D. Discourage the child in using his left hand

70. _____ is described by Freud as the component(s) of personality that is concerned with the idea of right or wrong.
A. Superego C. Id
B. Super-ego and ego D. Ego

71. What idea about age is not right?
A. Chronological age is different from biological and psychological age
B. Chronological age, biological age, psychological and age are related
C. Psychological age and social age are two different things
D. Chorological age is the same as biological and psychological age

72. _____ reflects the teachers’ understanding of development as results of maturation and learning.
A. Patience when dealing with the slower ones
B. Creativity with the classroom strategies or task
C. Fairness when giving grades or school marks
D. Cheerfulness and enthusiasm when discussing

73. ______ is Erikson’s, Piaget’s and Freud’s thought about play.
A. Contributes to the child’s mastery of his physical and social environment
B. Makes a child’s life so enjoyable that he will tend to hate school life later
C. Prepares a child for an excellent academic performance in formal schooling
D. Develops in the child highly competitive attitude because of the nature of play

74. A student has been staring at a puzzle. He/She is figuring out how to solve it and suddenly, an idea flashed in the student’s mind and excitedly she was able to learn how to solve the puzzle. This exemplifies ______.
A. Metacognition C. Analytical learning
B. Insight learning D. Trial and error learning

75. The importance of providing free public education for both in primary and secondary levels is highlighted in Article XIV section 2. This is needed because:
A. Elementary and Secondary school provides formal education
B. These levels provide the foundation for life functions and roles
C. No one goes to college without passing the grade and high schools
D. A few people cannot afford the expensive quality of private schools

76. When we say that rights and duties are correlative, we meant that_______________.
A. Right and duties regulate the relationship of men in society
B. Each right carries with it one or several corresponding duties
C. Rights and duties ultimate come from God
D. Rights and duties arise from the natural law

77. A teacher attempting to develop a student’s metacognitive skills teaches the students to:
A. Recall past lesson C. Formulate hypothesis
B. Visualize D. Think about their thinking

78. A teacher maximizes the cognitive development of students by having an environment that gives multisensorial stimulation. In this situation, the teacher’s role is:
A. Molder of character C. Dispenser of knowledge
B. Facilitator of learning D. Evaluator of learning

79. According to Friedrich Froebel, education should awaken the child’s dormant potentials and develop them in the best way possible. This showcases the teacher’s role as:
A. Molder of character C. Dispenser of Knowledge
B. Facilitator of learning D. Evaluator of learning

80. An adolescent exhibits what common characteristics?
A. Reasonable and secure C. Slow but steady physical growth
B. Feels intense emotions and sense of disequilibrium D. Passive and obedient

81. In rural areas, most students absent themselves especially during planting seasons. What could be an innovative solution to this problem?
A. Refusing readmission of pupils who have been absent for long
B. Observance of seasonal school calendar
C. Giving lecture to parents on the importance of schooling
D. Keeping a record of absences for information

82. The school director emphasizes the necessity of clean and green environment to contribute to effective teaching and learning. This is an example of:
A. Providing an atmosphere conducive to learning C. Utilize educational technology
B. Providing adequate physical facilities D. Establish rapport between teachers and pupils

83. A child with ADHD exhibits the following characteristics except:
A. Hyperactivity C. Inattention
B. Focus D. Impulsivity

84. They say that rights and duties are correlative. This statement means:
A. Right and duties regulate the relationship of men in society
B. Each right carries with it one or several corresponding duties
C. Rights and duties ultimate come from God
D. Rights and duties arise from the natural law

85. According to Jocano, ___________ is the strength of the Filipino people
A. Sense of commitment to nationalistic ideals C. Sense of humor
B. Sense of historical or national identity D. Sense of national pride

86. Teacher’s Professionalism Act is ___________.
A. RA 7836 C. RA 7722
B. RA 4670 D. RA 9293

87. Instincts are under what mental dimension?
A. Ego and super-ego C. Id
B. Ego D. Super-ego

88. A child cannot do ____________, according to Piaget’s concrete operational stage.
A. Doing mentally what was just physically done
B. Reasoning applied to specific example
C. Classifying objects into different sets
D. Imagining the steps necessary to complete an algebraic equation

89. What should teachers teach students to eradicate bullying among kids in school?
A. Full development of talents C. Respect for the dignity of persons
B. Athletic skills D. Full development of physical power

90. Education is the acquisition of the art and the utilization of knowledge. This statement means:
A. A learner’s application of what she has learned is necessary
B. A learner’s interest in art is commendable
C. A learner’s acquisition of information is sufficient
D. A learner’s acquisition of information is not important

91. Student’s initiative is stifled by:
A. Rationalism C. “Utang na loob”
B. Extreme authoritarianism D. “Bahala na”

92. A piece of music may sound sad, but when each note is played, there is nothing sad about it. This is based on the doctrine that says:
A. The whole experience is equal to the sum of its parts
B. The whole experience is more than the sum of its parts
C. The whole of experience is less than the sum of its parts
D. The whole of experience is not in any way related to the sum of its parts

93. Unlike the Spanish, Americans taught us there _____.
A. Government C. Language
B. Art D. Religion

94. As envisioned by the Department of Education, a Filipino learner should be:
A. Makabayan, makasarili, makakalikasan, at maka-Diyos
B. Makabayan, makatao, makahalaman, at maka-Diyos
C. Makabayan, makakaragatan, makatao, at mak-Diyos
D. Makabayan, makatao, makakalikasan, at maka-Diyos

95. “Pataasan ng ihi” – this quote debunks ______.
A. Initiative C. Teamwork
B. Flexibility D. Religiously

96. Which among the words below does not prevent the emergence of truth which the learners and teachers are in search of?
A. Mindset C. Open mind
B. Mask D. Defense

97. A research was conducted about the future dreams of Filipino children. Nobody said that they want to be a citizen of another country. This finding shows _____.
A. Inferiority of other nationalities C. Superiority of other nationalities
B. Superiority of the Filipino D. Filipinos’ sense of national pride

98. Confucius supports _____ when he said that there should be no distinction of classes in education.
A Moral recovery program C. Education for all
B. Back to Basics D. Values education

99. The curriculum is designed this way to provide for individual differences.
A. Some degree of flexibility is provided C. Minimum learning competencies are included
B. Realistic and meaningful experiences are provided D. Social skills are emphasized.

100. What a teacher should do if students are misbehaving in class?
A. Send the misbehaving pupils to the guidance counselor
B. Involve the whole class in setting rules of conduct in the whole class
C. Make a report to the parents about their children’s misbehavior
D. Set the rules for the class to observe

101. Is it moral if someone will put up a school in a far barrio in order to get votes for an unworthy candidate?
A. No, the candidate is undeserving
B. Yes, the votes were in exchange for the school built
C. Yes, it was his duty to strategize for his candidacy
D. No, his motive was not meant for a good effect

102. _____ introduced the idea of “child’s garden” or Kindergarten.
A. Maria Montessori C. Friedrich Froebel
B. Edward Paparazzi D. John Locke

103. If a teacher believes in the concept of education that makes every individual a useful citizen to the
state, then, he is influenced by the concept of:
A. Conformity C. Humanitarianism
B. Security D. Utilitarianism

104. Teenagers stealing school equipment is becoming a common problem in community schools. What is
the implication of this incidents?
A. Inability of schools to hire security guards C. Prevalence of poverty in the community
B. Deprivation of Filipino schools D. . Community’s lack of co-ownership

105. What is an inappropriate method in teaching young children?
A. Individual differences are expected and accepted C. Isolates skill development
B. Integrated teaching-learning D. Positive guidance technique

106. What statement would inspire fresh graduate to cling unto his ideals on being a teacher?
A. Introduction of educational innovations C. . Pressure of work
B. Support of living models D. . High salary

107. Based on the results of the survey conducted by Hirsch-Pasek, et al in 1989, there are harmful effects
caused by giving highly academically oriented early childhood education program. What is a proper
recommendation to solve this issue?
A. Give children the total freedom to do as they please inside the classroom
B. Do not give assessment activities for pre-school students
C. Plan engaging academic lessons
D. Do not engaged students in highly structured direct instruction in pre-school

108. If a teacher believes that a child’s mind in TABULA RASA, then the teacher will most likely to engage
the students in ______ process for them to learn.
A. Sensory impressions C. Reflection
B. Reasoning D. Metacognition

109. _______ is the weakness of the Montessori approach.
A. Foster development of the cognitive skills C. . Emphasizes verbal interaction
B. Foster independence D. Neglects children’s social development

110. A student did not study but spent one hour in the church praying to pass the exam. This concept displays what
attitude towards God and religion?
A. Religion as fake C. Religion as real
B. Religion as magic D. Religion as authentic

111. What is a primitive view about the pupil/student?
A. Active participant C. Empty vessel
B. Hypotheses generator D. Module builder

112. The concept of Karma originated from:
A. Hebrews C. Greeks
B. Hindus D. Chinese

113. A government position could only be occupied upon passing a state examination on Confucian
thought. This is an influence from the:
A. Hebrews C. Hindus
B. Chinese D. Greeks

114. ____ introduced kindergarten:
A. Maria Montessori C. Friedrich Froebel
B. Edward Paparazzi D. Johann Herbart

115. Jean Jacques Rousseau said that everyone is essentially good. This view can help a teacher when
A. Dealing with misbehaving students C. Teaching the students some values
B. Helping the fast learners in class D. knowing the students potentials

116. A teacher only teaches whenever she wants it. What does she lack?
A. Emotional intelligence C. . Competence
B. Integrity and accountability D. Intelligence

117. The way the students learn is as important as what they learn. For this particular idea, what statement
is important?
A. Knowing how to solve problem C. Determining the given
B. Getting the right answer to the word problem D. Solving the problem within the time limit

118. When a boy scout said “Bahala na” before jumping into a pool to save a drowning child, what attitude
was exemplified?
A. A daring attitude C. A daring attitude combined with “pagmamalasakit”
B. A “segurista attitude” D. An I don’t care attitude

119. If you are a principal and one of your teachers is not acting the way he should be, how would you
address this problem?
A. Explain to the pupils that there are some things that adults can do but children can’t
B. Be tolerant about the teacher’s behavior
C. In writing, express disapproval of the unbecoming behavior of the teacher
D. Talk to the teacher about the importance of being consistent in one’s action and in the rules of
discipline enforced inside the classroom.

120. The provision on ________ enables the blind and deaf students to partially or fully integrate inside the
A. Academic freedom for students and teachers
B. Providing vocational training to adult citizens and out of school youths
C. Creating scholarship for poor and deserving students
D. Protecting and promoting the right of all citizens to quality education

121. A teacher compiled the outputs of her peers and put her name as the author. Which is unprofessional?
in her action?
A. Not giving credit to others for their work
B. Failing to correct what appears to be unprofessional conduct
C. Giving due credit to others for their work
D. Holding inviolate all confidential information concerning associates

122. How can a teacher uphold the high standard of the teaching profession?
A. By working for the promotion in the system
B. By continuously improving themselves personally and professionally
C. By pointing out the advantages of joining the teaching profession
D. By good grooming to change people’s poor perception of teachers

123. The Code of Ethics of Professional teachers covers everyone except:
A. Teachers in academic, vocational, special, technical, or non-formal institutions
B. Teachers in all educational institutions at the pre-school, elementary and secondary levels
C. Teachers in tertiary level
D. All full time public and private school teachers and administrators

C – Teachers in the tertiary level are not covered in the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers.

124. Because of the poor writing and content of the project, a student wrapped his project with nice
ornaments. This is an example of:
A. Porma over substance C. Sense of Hiya
B. Ningas Kugon D. Substance over porma

125. According to the Constitution, the State is required to establish and maintain free public and
compulsory education in the __________.

A. elementary level only C. secondary and tertiary levels
B. secondary level only D. elementary and secondary levels

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Sir thank you for this Big Grin
Do you have answer key? Smile thank you!

RE: Mock LET questions part 1 - Johnpilz - 05-20-2011 08:43 AM

(05-20-2011 08:00 AM)MrShiva Wrote:  Sir thank you for this Big Grin
Do you have answer key? Smile thank you!

@MrShiva: Please read the topic/thread. Thanks.

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RE: Mock LET questions part 1 - Johnpilz - 05-20-2011 10:57 AM

1. b
2. d
3. c
4. d
5. a (not sure)
6. a
7. b
8. a
9. d
10. b
11. c
12. a
13. c
14. d
15. b
16. d
17. a
19. d
20. d
21. b
22. d
23. d
24. a
25. a/c not sure
26. d
28. a
29. b
30. d
31. b
32. d
34. c
35. d
37. c
38. b
39. b
40. b
41. b
42. b
43. d
44. c
45. b

RE: Mock LET questions part 1 - Johnpilz - 05-20-2011 12:23 PM

@All: Answer ko lang po yan, base on my knowledge. Please make some corrections if necessary. Thanks

RE: Mock LET questions part 1 - MrShiva - 05-20-2011 09:04 PM

Johnpilz sige tatapusin ko di to Smile guys lets do it together! lets volt in!!!

RE: Mock LET questions part 1 - Johnpilz - 05-20-2011 09:11 PM

(05-20-2011 09:04 PM)MrShiva Wrote:  Johnpilz sige tatapusin ko di to Smile guys lets do it together! lets volt in!!!

@MrShiva: Oo nga, dapat lang kasi para sa atin din naman tong lahat, ganyan dapat ang pinoy mag tulong-tulongan.

RE: Mock LET questions part 1 - ginimeda - 09-03-2011 10:10 PM

sure ka ba sa mga answers mo nito?? ang dami naman atang mali :-))

(05-20-2011 10:57 AM)Johnpilz Wrote:  1. b
2. d
3. c
4. d
5. a (not sure)
6. a
7. b
8. a
9. d
10. b
11. c
12. a
13. c
14. d
15. b
16. d
17. a
19. d
20. d
21. b
22. d
23. d
24. a
25. a/c not sure
26. d
28. a
29. b
30. d
31. b
32. d
34. c
35. d
37. c
38. b
39. b
40. b
41. b
42. b
43. d
44. c
45. b

RE: Mock LET questions part 1 - ginimeda - 09-03-2011 10:20 PM

Johnpilz ikaw ha pangdamay naman tong sayo asar ka talaga Sad(