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mabuhay!!! - schatz - 04-23-2009 07:31 PM

hello, there! this is jackie. bs foreign service grad from lyceum and mba grad from jru. i always wanted to teach (part time) but never really tried to apply for it. i'm an entrep here in mand, re: digital printing and other computer-related services. part of our 1st year anniv last year, i offered free computer lesson to kids 9-11 yrs old, so i wud say, i am a teacher. haha! and i loved it. soon, my boy will be sent to school for grade 1.

mabuhay to all!

RE: mabuhay!!! - jose makalolot - 04-23-2009 07:59 PM

welcome to!


RE: mabuhay!!! - heavensent - 04-24-2009 12:00 AM

Big Grin hello there! God bless to you and to your son!Big Grin

RE: mabuhay!!! - CTUBARILI - 08-01-2016 08:35 PM

Hi! everyone. My name is Benjamin. I am currently a Part Time Teacher. I got here searching for a LET reviewer major in Social Studies. I would like say have a very great day. Hope to share knowledge with you guys!